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I just had to post this shot that I saw while perusing the Sartorialist. It made me laugh out loud. When I was their age I thought a side pony and layered colored socks with my jeans tucked in was the height of sophistication. Further proof that the French are tres chic!


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New Orleans is my new favorite city. It has so much to offer and we tried to pack as much as we could into the four days we were there. I dragged my husband to as many house tours, antique shops and art galleries as is reasonable for a man who was being a VERY good sport. The one thing we both agree on are restaurants. We ate at a range of restaurants and arrived home feeling like we had eaten our reasonable ration for the rest of 2009. Here is a peak at my favorite things we found in NOLA...

One of the most charming aspects of the French Quarter are all the gas lamps and lanterns. Bevolo is a little gem of a lighting shop tucked away on Conti Street, and their coppersmiths have been making these gorgeous lanterns since 1945. They re-designed an early 17th century model that has since become a New Orleans trademark.

Buck and I decided to wait in line and have breakfast at Cafe du Monde the first morning we were there. Cafe du Monde is a New Orleans institution that has been open everyday, except for Christmas and the occasional hurricane, since 1862. I have to say that I think everyone should go there at least once. However, later in the trip I discovered Cafe Beignet. Now, don't curse me, but I think the beignets were better and the ambiance was much more appealing. It's a little coffee shop on Royal Street with a low lying painted brick arched ceiling, lush outdoor garden area with iron tables and chairs where you can sit and enjoy your coffee and beignets.

Eventually we wandered down Magazine Street where a lot of the art galleries, antique stores and dreamy home and clothing boutiques are located. We took a quick peak into the Cole Pratt Gallery which was featuring artists James Beaman, Phil Sandusky, John Stanford and Paul Traver.

Another essential stop when in New Orleans is Amanda Stone Talley's studio. Unfortunately, I only had about 10 minutes to look around as we went there the day we flew home, but Amanda couldn't have been more gracious. Her studio is small but filled to the brim with inspired, dynamic and engaging works of art. She is a genius at translating movement and energy onto the canvas.

There are a ton of amazing antique stores here, but my favorite was Gerrie Bremermann's shop. I had the amazing luck of meeting and chatting with Mrs. Bremermann. It turns out we have acquaintances in common, which is further proof that it is such a small world! Bremermann Design was full of a wide variety of lovely French antiques, colorful pillows and contemporary art.
Photo by Ronda Carman
We popped into Julie Neill's for a bit to check out her lighting. I had read on The Big Easy Life New Orleans blog about her plaster chandeliers and had to see them for myself. Her lighting is all hand crafted and includes a collection of various metal and turned wood chandeliers, sconces and some furnishings. The plaster chandelier is this amazing combination of elegance and Dr. Seuss-ish charm. I love it!

I have so much more to share but I think this is enough for one post. Have a wonderful weekend!


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As I was flipping through some old Domino magazines today I came across some photos of Amanda Peet and David Benioff's amazing home in the Hollywood Hills. It's basically my dream home....Spanish-style bohemian bungalow with clean-lined antiques and flashes of chrome, tables heaped with art books, lot's of vintage ethnic textiles and contemporary art. Sigh...someday. Enjoy!

Photos by Coliena Rentmeester via Domino Magazine.


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Zenyatta left it all out on the track today. After a delay in the gate, a slow break and a lot of traffic, she still crushed the competition and the record books. She crossed the finish line with her ears pricked and a smile on her face. It's been a long time since I've seen an animal capture the hearts of people like she has and I myself have fallen hard. I must also mention the brilliance of her jockey, Mike Smith. He sits quietly with soft hands and the patient demeanor of a veteran while effortlessly guiding her to the win. He is a class act in every way. In my opinion he rides a lot like Bill Shoemaker, which for those of you who know me, is the highest compliment I could give. What a thrill!


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I get a little nostalgic every year around Breeders Cup time as I spent much of my childhood at or around the race track. Well, that and because all the parties surrounding the two biggest days in California racing are amazingly fun. The series of Grade I races held over the course of two days represent the best horses, trainers and jockeys from all over the world. This year is no different and you better believe I will be watching on TV! I will be rooting for Zenyatta and jockey Mike Smith. Zenyatta will be facing her male rivals in Saturday's $5 million Classic with her 13-0 winning streak on the line. Let's hear it for the girls!


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While looking at the gorgeous photos of Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber's Malibu mansion I can't help but wonder how one becomes so fortunate to be born with supermodel good looks AND live in this house. I suspect Cindy was somewhat of a Mother Teresa or Gandhi type character in a past life. Cindy and Randy are long time client's of the First Decorator, Michael Smith. They have collaborated on a number of projects but my favorite is their Malibu mansion. Every time I come across an interior image of this home I think that I would want it decorated the exact same way if I lived there. Oh, and the views.......

Photos courtesy of Michael Smith.


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If you had told me last year that I would read my magazines online I probably would have been appalled by such an accusation. How on earth would I live without being able to rip pages of beautiful things out of my magazines and tack them up all over my office like wallpaper? I was a skeptic at first. I love my magazines. LOVE. But as the third issue of Lonny Magazine has hit the cyber news stands and now there is Nesting Newbies, I have to admit that I am hooked. The days of balancing my computer and magazine on my lap so I can quickly bookmark new sources are gone. Now one can simply click directly on the item you like and get whisked away to it's source for purchase. It's genius, really. Check out the new Nesting Newbies has features on design trio Massucco Warner Miller as well as LA based designer Vanessa De Vargas of Turquoise...I think you will be a convert too.